The Fun Stuff:

Hi! I'm Jamie Lincoln.

Words and I go together
like peas and carrots.

I graduated from a university in Kingston, Ontario with a degree in Political Science. As you can imagine, I science the hell out of political stuff all the time.

Upon returning to my parents’ home in the ‘burbs (and overstaying my welcome for an awks long time to boot), I was shocked to not have a laundry list of full-time offers from the world’s best and brightest publications. Did the New York Times lose my calling card?

After the "omg I just graduated from university" glow wore off, I’ll be honest – I struggled for a bit. In my early 20s, I continuously hopped from unpaid editorial internship to unpaid editorial internship (did I mention I didn't get paid?) with no end in sight. Given the (still) declining state of print, I decided the writing industry was far too volatile to tackle full-time, and opted to set my career sights on marketing, instead.

I now work as a Marketing Communications Lead in downtown Toronto, marketing and managing stuff Monday to Friday with gusto. 


The Boring Stuff:

I love the written word. Upon forging an uncharted career path in the marketing realm, I quickly realized I wouldn't be satisfied with my life if I didn't make time for writing (outside of the 9-5) regularly. I now freelance as often as my (omg so busy) schedule will allow – some weeks I’ll churn out 3-5 articles, others I’ll feel burnt out and watch 17 episodes of The Office on my couch with a bag of Miss Vickie’s (regular or bust) in tow. That's how I've managed to keep writing as my #1 passion - it still never feels like a "job" to me. When it does, I'll stop (and cry). 

Since starting my freelance career, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some pretty cool people, including but nawt limited to, pop star Ellie Goulding, Arrested Development's Judy Greer, Community's Gillian Jacobs, indie band The Naked and Famous, Canadian darlings Our Lady Peace, Suits frontrunner Patrick J. Adams, The Martian actress Kate Mara, Portlandia's Carrie Brownstein, and everyone's favourite Bulletproof songstress, La Roux. I’ve contributed to Vogue.com, TeenVogue.com, VanityFair.com, The Coveteur, Flare, Fashion Magazine, Glamour.com, InterviewMagazine.com, BULLETT Magazine, The Man Repeller, the now defunct Plaid Magazine, The Yellow Pages, and The Kit, among other super progressive publications. I once shook hands with Leonardo DiCaprio at a TIFF party, and now know what it feels like to simultaneously pee my pants and peak at the tender age of 26. My life is all downhill from here, but my heart will go on and on.

I also do freelance copywriting on the side of my side gigs, because who needs a social life, am I right? I write press releases and website copy so eye-catchingly punny it’ll make your head spin.


If you’d like to judge the living hell out of my work, click on ‘WORK’ above! Feel free to throw stones – it’s not like I pour my heart and soul into pleasing the online masses or anything (what's a gal gotta do to get a new Twitter follower around here?).

If you’re interested in working with me, drop me a line. We can grab coffee (on me)!!! Just don’t order anything over $4 because that’s kind of rude, no?