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Hi! I'm Jamie Lincoln.

Words and I go together
like peas an
d carrots.


(Is that grammatically correct? No idea!)

Get to know me via witty-ish
bullet points:


  • Born, raised, and living in Toronto

  • Recovering journalist turned screenwriter (it's my lot in life to have constant financial anxiety!)

  • Writing can be found in: Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Interview Magazine, and lots more

  • UCLA screenwriting grad with a penchant for writing delusional female characters 

  • Dramatic comedies are my bag, baby

  • Absolutely the sort of person who will engage in a Twitter fight over "we see" (JK - #ScreenwritingTwitter is terrifying)

  • Not totally socially inept

  • I have a Premium subscription to Scriptnotes, so I think I know what I'm doing, thanks

  • My feature, SILVER, placed in the Top 50 of the Nicholl Fellowship, and is Black List recommended

  • My pilot, QUEEN, also scored an 8 on The BL

  • Currently unrepped due to a falling out with my father, Judd Apatow 

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